Stabile Engenharia Ltda

Year Founded:2009
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:8/27/2013

Contact Information
Name:Marcinio Stabile
Rua Rio Araguaia, 113, Sala 2
ItajaiSC 88304420 Brazil

Industries Served
food/beveragemetal stamping/formingpulp/paperrubber/plastics/paintcorrugated paper
plastic conversion

Areas Served
South America

Engineering Specialties
computer softwareHMImachine build/retrofitmotors/motion controlprogramable automation controller programming

Product Experience
ABBAllen-BradleyBeckhoff AutomationDanaher MotionPhoenix Contact
Rockwell AutomationWEG

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
The Stabile Engineering Ltd. was founded in 2009 to meet the industrial automation segment, more specifically in the areas of control and electronic drives with frequency inverters and servo drives, and controllers and industrial networks associated with these devices. Our focus is on services of retrofitting machines with replacement drives, controllers and HMIs obsolete and to aid in the design, commissioning and start-up of new machines and processes.