Tetra Tech

Year Founded:1980
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:8/24/2019

Contact Information
Suite 210 - 3031 Viking Way
RichmondBC V6V 1W1 Canada
Phone:(604) 270-7728
Fax:(604) 270-6252

Industries Served
coating/finishingdiscrete manufacturingelectrical equipmentelectronicsengineering/construction
food/beveragematerial handlingmetalspackagingpetroleum
powerprocessingpulp/paperquality control/teststeel
utilitieswater/wastewaterwood products

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
CAD/documentationDCSelectrical engineeringHMIinstallation/start-up
instr/data acquisitionmechanical engineeringmotors/motion controlPLCspower systems engr
process controlsystems engineeringturnkey systems

Product Experience
ABBAllen-BradleyFoxboroGE DigitalHewlett-Packard
HoneywellIBMKlockner-MoellerMicrosoftRockwell Automation
Schneider ElectricWonderwareYokogawa

Corporate Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Tetra Tech. is a consulting engineering firm with particular expertise in electrical, mechanical, process instrumentation, structural, and civil engineering. They have earned a reputation for quality engineering expertise in large industrial power distribution systems, control systems, process instrumentation, complex variable-speed AC and DC drive systems, and mechanical piping and equipment installation. Tetra Tech provides high quality engineering services to a wide range of industrial clients in Canada and the United States. Company personnel provide the benefit of various industrial backgrounds, including steel, forest, marine, mining, petroleum, petrochemical, and electrical utility. They are experienced engineers, technologists, and support staff, conversant with the latest industrial technologies and codes. All staff members are encouraged to continually upgrade their skill levels. This is achieved by the company's on going in-house educational programs, as well as outside courses. Each person is dedicated to providing the best possible service to clients. The company is well equipped to undertake projects varying in scope from simple design to complete systems, including project management and commissioning services. Tetra Tech can work either directly with the owner, in association with other consultants, or as part of a separate project group. Key members of the firm, having specialized expertise, are available to assist as resource personnel on specific phases of projects. This approach gives clients access to the design experience of the entire professional staff.