Aqua Systems 2000 Inc.

Year Founded:1996
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/12/2016

Contact Information
#5, 4006 9 Ave. N.
LethbridgeAB T1H 6T8 Canada

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Engineering Specialties
control panelsnetworking/commprocess controlpumps/compressors/turbineSCADA
water/wastewaterirrigation automation - open canal, pipeline, pumpSCADA radio system design & implementationcustom automation - irrigation gates, pumps

Product Experience
Control MicrosystemsPhoenix ContactSchneider ElectricWeidmullerFreewave

Corporate Affiliations
EECOL ElectricGESCANGuillevin International Co

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. is dedicated to developing and marketing new and innovative products for the control and management of water. We are committed to providing solutions for water resource agencies that will support improved system efficiency and delivery. Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. is a company with extensive experience in the water resource management industry. Our exposure to irrigation systems and schemes throughout the world enables us to develop and implement appropriate solutions to problems inherent to the water control industry. Many problems are generic in nature and can be readily solved with standard product offerings. Others, however, are more unique and thus require individualized attention and solutions. Whatever the situation, Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. takes pride in providing innovative ways to resolving operational and performance problems. Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. offers quality, integrated products specific to the control of water in canals found in irrigation industry. These products can be adapted for use in flood control structures in urban environments, for use in water and wastewater treatment plants, or other applications where water control is desired. Aqua Systems 2000 Inc. has been incorporated since 1993 and is based in Lethbridge, Alberta, the heart of the irrigation industry in Canada. Our employees represent over a century of experience in the irrigation industry in North America and throughout the world.