Intelpro S.A.S.

Year Founded:2004
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/2/2012

Contact Information
Name:Fabian Manotas Angulo - General Manager
Calle 80 # 45 - 41
BarranquillaATL 99999 Colombia
Phone:(575)-3589618 ext: 8012

Industries Served
water/wastewatergrain and feed mills

Areas Served
South AmericaAsiaDE-MD-VA-WV-NC-SC-GA-FLCentral America

Engineering Specialties
automation--generaldesigns/specificationselectrical engineeringinstr/data acquisitionPLCs
supervisory controldetailed engineering

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyPepperl + FuchsRittalSchneider ElectricSiemens

Corporate Affiliations
Pepperl + FuchsRittalRockwell AutomationSiemens

Corporate Resume
INTELPRO SAS is a company with a group of engineers that bring many solutions to the industry in the areas of engineer desings, automation process, supervisory systems, industrial instrumentation and sensors technologies. The company has a big experience on build electrical and automated systems for control of plants in the areas of coal, food and beverage mainly.