Van Doren Engineers B.V.

Year Founded:
Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:J.J.M. van Doren
De Vlonder 3
BoekelDB 5427 Netherlands
Phone:31 492 32 35 20
Fax:31 492 32 32 76

Corporate Resume
As a proven, no-nonsense solution provider and system integrator with a solid performance track, Van Doren Engineers has earned a top place in the short lists of their customers, as a partner in the field of industrial automation. Van Doren Engineers stands for flexibility and engineering excellence in project-based operations. From three strategically placed business units - Boekel, Beringe, and Waspik - projects are coordinated. With the help of the company's project managers who also function as personal and committed customer contacts, customer satisfaction and excellence is realized. Keywords for the organization are flexibility, personal commitment, dedication, and short communication lines. They also provide long-term support with the help of their outsourcing program. Due to their down-to-earth organization structure and the family-like feel throughout the company, short lines of communication are guaranteed to customers as well as within the company. This working environment guarantees customers who hire Van Doren Engineers employees who not only have their own expertise but the expertise of the whole company with it.