Franklin Automation Inc

Year Founded:1990
Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:3/26/2015

Contact Information
Name:Frank Kigyos Jr. - President
1981 Bucktail ln
Sugar GroveIL 60554 United States

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
machine build/retrofitmachine design/controlAutomatic Intermittent otion assembly systemsRobotic AutomationHipot/Continuity Electrical Test Systems
Insert Molding AutomationPoka Yoke Assembly SystemsAuto Printing Machines

Corporate Resume
Franklin Automation designs and manufactures custom automation machines providing reliable, efficient, and innovative industrial assembly and testing machines. Our customers include both highly automated manufacturers with fully developed specifications as well as small manufacturers who are looking for step by step guidance from experienced automation professionals. In either case, Franklin Automation will use its 25 years of experience to provide the best manufacturing solutions to fulfill your requirements, on time and in budget.