ExPS s.r.o.

Year Founded:2008
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:6/28/2012

Contact Information
Name:Michal Pisko
Ouvalova 390
Slany 27401 Czech Republic

Industries Served
automotivechemical/petrochemicalgasesspecialty chemicals

Areas Served
European UnionEurope

Engineering Specialties
DCSinformation systemsnetworking/commPLCsalarm management
I&C planning and construction

Product Experience
ABBEndress + HauserMatrikonOPCSiemensUReason

Corporate Affiliations

Corporate Resume
ExPS is a modern engineering company located in Czech republic. Company day-to-day business covers the field of instrumentation & control planning and execution, industrial automation in the field of technical gases, chemical processing, machinery and line production. However, based on customers' unique requirements, ExPS also delivers solutions concerning Alarm management, Process optimization, Asset management and Equipment monitoring for the CBM purposes. As a special chapter, ExPS provides training and integration services in the field of industrial communication OPC.