BASE Automacao

Year Founded:2005
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:11/12/2017

Contact Information
Name:Alan Liberalesso - Sales Manager
Rua Carlos de Campos, 452
Vila Teixeira
SaltoSP 13320352 Brazil

Industries Served
consumer productsfood/beveragemetalspharmaceuticalsspecialty chemicals

Areas Served
South America

Engineering Specialties
21 CFR Part 11HMInetworking/commPLCsSCADA

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyGE Automation & ControlsRockwell AutomationSchneider ElectricWAGO

Corporate Affiliations
Rockwell SoftwareWAGOWonderwareDakol

Corporate Resume
BASE Automação is a control system integrator that has been providing industrial automation solutions since 2005. We supplies complete solutions to management , supervision and control of plant. BASE Automação develops automation systems with: Batch Controls, PLCs and IHMs, and MES systems. We have expertise with: ISA-88, IEC 61131-3, ISA-101.1, ISA-18.2, ISA-95 and GAMP standards.