Dolphin Ingenieria Ltda

Year Founded:
Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:1/7/2018

Contact Information
Carrera 71A No 48A-75
Barrio Normandia
BogotaDC 111071 Colombia

Industries Served
automotivebuilding automationchemical/petrochemicalfood/beverageoil/gas

Areas Served
South America

Engineering Specialties
advanced controlbatch controlcomputer hardwarecomputer softwareinstr/data acquisition
maintenance/repairmanufacturing engineeringprocess controlprocess engineeringSCADA
manufacturing management systemsprocess visualization

Product Experience
Schneider ElectricWonderware

Corporate Affiliations
Schneider ElectricWonderware

Corporate Resume
We provide comprehensive visibility to the industries in order to identify various improvement opportunities in their information systems, our strengths are the flexibility, expertise and commitment to serving our clients.