Sagitate Co., Ltd.

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Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:2/7/2019

Contact Information
Name:Paruhut Chanpahol - Sales Director
123/549 Nantana Garden Village
Rattanathibeth Rd. Bangraknoi
Muang Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand
Phone:(662) 922-1237
Fax:(662) 985-9440

Industries Served
coalelectrical equipmentelectronicsfood/beveragemetals

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
advanced controlbatch controlmanufacturing engineeringmotors/motion controlprocess control
process engineeringprocess visualization

Product Experience
AVEVASchneider ElectricWonderware

Corporate Affiliations
AVEVASchneider ElectricWonderware

Corporate Resume
Sagitate is a privately owned supply & engineering company with major facilities in Muang Nonthaburi province of Thailand. Our experience is in providing resourceful industrial automation solutions. Sagitate participates only in the industrial controls marketplace. At Sagitate, we are conscious of our commitments to our clients and prospective clients' satisfaction. The success we have earned in customer satisfaction is based on our continuing commitment to Serve You with Our Best Attention.