Year Founded:2000
Annual Revenue:$10-25 million
Listing Last Updated:6/28/2012

Contact Information
Name:Francisco Galisteo - Controls Area Manager
Baviera, 1
MadridMAD 28028 Spain
Phone:+34 913565337

Industries Served
aviation/airlinesbuilding automationcommunicationsenergy--generalgovernment/defense
manufacturing--generalnuclear energypowerrailroads

Areas Served
CaribbeanCentral AmericaEuropean UnionEuropeMiddle East
Northern AfricaSouth AmericaMiddle Africa

Corporate Resume
The Integration Business Unit of SAMPOL Technology develops projects and provides applied engineering services in the fields of Telecommunications, Automation and Systems Integration, with a strong focus on multidisciplinary projects that encompass several of these areas in a comprehensive solution. Its activity extends across all sectors where SAMPOL works - Energy, airport and railway infrastructure, Industry and Residential Building - and incorporates new sectors such as Telecommunications, datacenter, Defence and Security / Emergency.