Telecomunicaciones Automatizacion y Control Ingenieria S.A.S

Year Founded:2009
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:7/28/2010

Contact Information
Name:Guillermo Garcia - Engineer
Cra 28 # 47A-11 P1
Bogota  Colombia

Industries Served
building automationcommunicationsmanufacturing--generaloil/gas

Engineering Specialties
building automationmanufacturing engineering

Product Experience

Corporate Resume
Since its creation, TAC Ingenieria S.A.S. has focused on current technological trends in automation and the convergence of a broad range of technologies into global, unified systems. The company integrates information technologies and energy technologies using hardware and software that meets open and globally accepted standards. TAC ingenieria provides open automation systems with efficient energy consumption that optimize energy and bring more productivity into a client's company, home, or office. TAC Engineering also offers automation engineering services, adopting modern elements such as Internet access, convenient visualization, management systems, security and implementation of wireless devices. The company provides total assistance from planning and design to complete installation. They also work as a client's partner for the implementation, commissioning, support, and maintenance of the client's infrastructure. Through the application of their knowledge and experiences, and using highly efficient tools and technologies, TAC Engineering can achieve an optimum energy consumption and provide cost-effective and innovative solutions.