Sky Valley Engineering Services, Inc.

Year Founded:2006
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Douglas Wirth - President
1350 Hayes Street Suite A-13
BeniciaCA 94510 United States

Industries Served
food/beveragepackagingpipelineswater/wastewaterwater pipelines

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
computer softwarecontrol panelsdesigns/specificationsHMIPLCs

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyControl MicrosystemsSchneider ElectricWonderware

Corporate Resume
Sky Valley Engineering Services, Inc. is a California S corporation. The company's principal worked for several years as a project manager, lead engineer, software engineer, and project engineer on large system integration projects in the Bay Area, specializing in the water/wastewater industry. The company is familiar with many of the programmable controllers, HMI products, and communications technologies that are used in the municipal water/wastewater market. Having been a major contributor to several dozen system integration projects, the company is well qualified to develop project scope, manage the project, and complete the hardware design and software configuration, as well as test and commission the system. Sky Valley focuses on and specializes in the design, system integration, and software development of SCADA systems for the water/wastewater industry. Sky Valley prefers to work on design/build projects and to provide professional services as part of an engineering consulting agreement or maintenance contract, although contract work is also an option. The company’s goal is to provide superior customer service at a cost-effective price. With Sky Valley, the client will directly receive the benefits of many years of experience, a higher level of personal service, and price competitiveness that may not be matched by a larger firm.