Automation Technology, Inc.

Year Founded:
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:8/2/2011

Contact Information
Name:Greg Wood
1643 Lotsie Boulevard
Saint LouisMO 63132 United States
Phone:(314) 567-3100
Fax:(314) 567-3466

Industries Served
automotivebuilding automationconsumer productselectronicsfood/beverage
machinerymanufacturing--generalmaterial handling

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblyautomated weldingautomatic test equipmentautomation--generalbatch control
building automationfactory automationinjection moldinglaboratory automationmachine design/control
mechanical engineeringmotors/motion controlprocess controlroboticsturnkey systems

Product Experience
ABBAllen-BradleyAutomationDirectBaldorOmron Electronics
Our own productsRockwell Automation

Corporate Affiliations
Allen-BradleyAutomationDirectBaldorRockwell Automation

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Automation Technology, Inc., is an established growing manufacturer of custom automated machinery. The company has complete facilities to handle a wide range of projects. Their engineers produce all of the machines on CAD and specify optimal components for each machine. Machinists produce all of the parts to toleranced detail drawings. Controls and programming are to the client's requirements on almost any PLC and operator interface specified. Clients are involved and informed every step of the way. At the end of the project, client satisfaction is required before the machine is called complete.