Asia Global Solusi

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Listing Last Updated:1/7/2018

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Name:Yudi Pancaptura
Wisma Nugra Santana 10th floor Suite #1006
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 7-8
Jakarta- 10220 Indonesia
Phone:+6221-5790-3130 ext: -

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Engineering Specialties
facilities management

Product Experience
Schneider ElectricWonderware

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Schneider ElectricWonderware

Corporate Resume
More than 10 years, PT. Asia Global Indonesia has experienced in providing IT solutions to its clients in mid-market ERP industry. Our passion is to give the best contribution to our clients’ success in their business. By the end of July 2010 we have 30+ satisfied clients from various industries. We trace our earliest root from iForte Solusi Asia (member of iForte group), which has been played in IT solution industry since 2002.