CP Sistemi Srl

Year Founded:2002
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:5/15/2014

Contact Information
Name:Francesco Casazza - Ing
Via Nenni 6
ImolaBO 40026 Italy
Phone:+39 542 643436
Fax:+39 542 643436

Industries Served
building automationenergy--generalfood/beveragerailroadsstone/clay/glass/brick
photovoltaic plants

Areas Served
Middle EastEuropean UnionEuropeNorthern AfricaSouthern Africa

Engineering Specialties
data collection/reportingdata processing/mgmntnetworking/commPLCsSCADA
Web technologyprotocol gatewaysMicrosoft.Net

Product Experience
Omron ElectronicsSiemensWonderwareCopa-Data

Corporate Resume
CP Sistemi experience in the realization of numerous projects, both in Italy and abroad, for companies our customers. We propose ourselves as partners of companies who require a strong product customization, constant attention to quality, interautonomy on the field, proven solutions, in-depth knowledge of the products used. Our applications are born in the industrial field, in which reliability, service continuity and timeliness are essential requirements. We develop complete solutions throught the partnership with Compagnia progetti ( Engineering company ) ed ABR Impianti ( Electrical and instrumental systems ), following the design, development and commissioning. * Supervision systems e remote control * HMI - Human machine interfaces * Automation - PLC * Data gathering systems * Communication drivers * WEB integrated data collection * Building Automation * Custom software solutions * Consulting * Post sale teleservice * Software reengineering * Web information portal * Client/Server Application of high-level complexity