One-Step Automation

Year Founded:2006
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:8/28/2013

Contact Information
Name:Brian Friesn - Owner
Box 1197
21040 Rd. 40N
NivervilleMB R0A 1E0 Canada
Phone:(204) 388-4101
Fax:(204) 388-5377

Industries Served
agriculturalautomation/controlmaterial handlingOEMelectrical equipment
aggregatesbuilding automationprocessingcommunications

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
batch controlbatch processingblendingcontrol panelsdiagnostics
discrete controlHMIinstallation/start-uplevel controlmotors/motion control
PC-based controlsPLCsprocess controlautomation--generalbuilding automation
conveying/sortingdata collection/reportingDCSelectrical engineeringfactory automation
flow controlmaterial handlingCAD/documentationtemperature controlnetworking/comm
shop floor dataWeb technology

Product Experience
Opto 22Schneider ElectricBaldorBeldenHoffman
MicrosoftOmron ElectronicsPhoenix ContactRed Lion ControlsAllen-Bradley
CitectDellEaton CorporationGE DigitalHewlett-Packard
IDECJohnson ControlsKlockner-MoellerOmega EngineeringRockwell Automation
Rockwell SoftwareToshibaB&B ElectronicsICS Triplex

Corporate Affiliations
Opto 22Schneider ElectricAllen-BradleyBaldorHoffman
IDECMicrosoftOmega EngineeringOmron ElectronicsPhoenix Contact
Red Lion ControlsB&B ElectronicsBeldenEaton CorporationJohnson Controls
Rockwell Software

Professional Affiliations
Not applicable

Corporate Resume
We provide custom design/build solutions for grain handling, processing and storage facilities as well as controls systems for automation in metal fabrication/manufacturing shops. The systems include automatic gates, variable speed motor drives, Soft-Start motor drives, electronic scales, various level sensors, proximity sensors, encoders, solenoid valves, etc. We use Opto 22 strategies to control flow of product and monitoring for alarm conditions in these applications.