Tieder Controls

Year Founded:1992
Annual Revenue:$10-25 million
Listing Last Updated:8/29/2019

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736 Woods Road
CambridgeMD 21613 United States

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Corporate Resume
Tieder Controls can create SCADA system designs, control system design, CADD development, production, control wiring, instrumentation, and communication media. As a local control system integrator, Tieder Controls, has the ability to design, build, test and install the latest in PLC, control, security, and video technology for any number of applications. Installations are in place all over the Eastern Shore for wastewater and water treatment plants; video security systems for buildings, parking lots and downtown areas; security entrance systems for buildings or other secure areas; detention center control consoles for cells, phones, and video systems; and county-wide SCADA systems to monitor all functions of water and wastewater systems. For the food industry, Tieder Controls has provided computer control systems to ensure that the last packaged item is the same as the first packaged item.