Year Founded:
Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:11/20/2017

Contact Information
Name:John McNeish
1101 Slater Rd
Suite 120
DurhamNC 27560 United States
Phone:(919) 359-6600
Fax:(919) 763-1801

Industries Served
biotechnologymanufacturing--generalmedical/health carepharmaceuticalswaste treatment

Engineering Specialties
automation--generaldesigns/specificationsinformation systemsinstallation/start-upproject planning
quality/test engineeringsimulation/modelingturnkey systems

Product Experience
ABBDanaher MotionRockwell Automation

Corporate Affiliations
ABBRockwell Automation

Corporate Resume
NNE covers all segments from biopharmaceuticals and vaccines to medical devices and helps our customers develop, establish and improve their product manufacturing. We combine engagement in global health issues with a holistic approach focusing on our customers’ need for total solutions.