E-Volve Systems

Year Founded:2010
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:9/4/2020

Contact Information
Name:Vivek Puthezath - Principal
10 Al Paul Lane
Suite 201
MerrimackNH 03054 United States

Industries Served
consumer productsenvironmentalfood/beveragelife sciences

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
batch controldata collection/reportingHMIinformation systemsPLCs
Web technologyISA-88 based batch design and programmingcustom reportinglegacy system migrationcloud services
IT/OT infrastructure

Product Experience
GE DigitalInductive AutomationRockwell AutomationSiemensWonderware
GE DigitalVMWare

Corporate Affiliations
Inductive AutomationRockwell AutomationWonderware

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
E-Volve Systems seeks to help companies define, execute, and achieve their automation goals. At EVS, we strive to provide detailed and thorough processes for each customer’s unique challenge and need. Our goal is to help you succeed. E-Volve Systems was founded in 2011. We specialize in industrial automation, engineering, and computer systems validation. With experience ranging from grass roots manufacturing sites to legacy system re-controls, we have both the expertise and the experience to provide value and ensure quality project execution. E-Volve Systems is a dynamic organization that pushes the edge with today’s evolving technologies while adhering to industry specific standards.