Source Automation

Year Founded:2013
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:6/1/2019

Contact Information
Name:Bradley Chitwood - President
338 Litton Covered Bridge Rd.
HuntsvilleTN 37756 United States

Industries Served
food/beveragerubber/plastics/paintsteelwater/wastewaterwood products
saw millsplastics thermoforming

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcontrol panelsmachine design/controlmaintenance/repairPLCs
SCADAheat treatmentmachine Integrationcontrols updates

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyFestoKeyenceRockwell AutomationSick Optics

Corporate Affiliations
Inductive AutomationRockwell AutomationWonderware

Corporate Resume
We offer a range of services--all designed to help your company stay in touch with the latest technology. We provide you with a full consultation to explain your available options so that you can choose the scope of work that’s right for your home or business - and your budget.