Equipment & Controls, Inc.

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Listing Last Updated:7/22/2016

Contact Information
Name:Armando Ocando - Director of Sales - Process Systems & Solutions
2 Park Drive
P.O. Box 614
LawrencePA 15055 United States
Phone:(724) 746 3700
Fax:(724) 746 1225

Industries Served
chemical/petrochemicalenergy--generalfood/beveragelife sciencesmetals
mining/mineralsnuclear energyOEMoil/gaspetroleum

Engineering Specialties
control panelsprocess engineeringSCADAplant life cycle supportreliability solutions

Product Experience
Emerson Process Mgmnt

Corporate Affiliations
Emerson Process Mgmnt

Corporate Resume
Our automation services make your processes work smoothly and effectively. We offer a variety of services to fit the needs of your practices. •Control System Design, Procurement Management and CAD Services •Advanced Process Control and Control System Design •In-Plant Process Automation Studies Audits and Specification Development •Front-End Engineering Design •Adaptive Process Control and Modeling •Contract Engineering Services •Complete Procurement Services •Project Implementation Services •Main Automation Contractor •Main Instrumentation Vendor •Logic Configuration •HMI Configuration •Batch and Continuous Processes •Bus Selection, including: FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Asi Bus, PROFIBUS and DeviceNet •Installation, Commissioning, Construction Management and Start-Up Services •Network Design and Installation •Advanced Panel Fabrication and System Testing •Safety Shutdown System Design and Implementation