Altair Industries, Inc.

Year Founded:1998
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:9/18/2012

Contact Information
217 Racquette Dr, #5
Fort CollinsCO 80524 United States

Industries Served
automotivecomputers/info systemsmedical/health careOEMpackaging

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
roboticsvision systemstabletop roboticsservo asembly pressesscrewdriving systems
pneumatic assembly pressesdispensing systems

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Corporate Resume
Altair Industries, Inc. specializes in cost-effective solutions for many types of automation requirements, geared around table top workstations or stand-alone automation/processing equipment, designed either as hard-tooled or robotic systems. Typical applications are assembly presses, automatic screwdriver systems, electrical and liquid test systems, machine vision inspection systems, material handling, dispensing systems, assembly automation systems, and part fixturing. Altair Industries is a firm committed to being a leader in quality manufacturing solutions. By combining consultation with engineering design, equipment manufacture, and installation, Alatir offers comprehensive factory floor systems. Depending on the volume, ergonomic workstations and operators may provide the most cost-effective solution. As orders ramp up, moving to semi-automated or fully automated systems may provide cost savings. An automated or ergonomic station or system that fails to perform properly is a waste of time, money, and floor space. To maximize the potential of factory floor manufacturing equipment, end users need a firm like Altair Industries that will precisely determine their requirements and engineer a system that will match their needs and resources.