Electronica Industrial C.A.

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Listing Last Updated:7/25/2014

Contact Information
Name:Jose Miguel Gonzalez - Sales
Av. 40 C/Calle 33 Edif. Residencias
Acarigua, Planta Baja
AcariguaPO 03301 Venezuela
Phone:+58 0255 621 88
Fax:+58 0255 622 01

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcomputer softwarecontrol panelselectrical engineeringinstallation/start-up
motors/motion controlnetworking/commPLCsprocess controlsafety/security systems
substation automationsupervisory controlindustrial process monitoringautomatic transfer assembly

Corporate Resume
Engineering: · Design, implementation and commissioning of Substation Automation Sitemas, Industrial Process Monitoring Systems, Monitoring, Design of Low Voltage Panels, Protection and Control Automation Conventional Systems · Implementation of Fire Detection and Alarm . · Implementation of Automatic Systems for Fire Fighting. MANUFACTURING: · Assembly, Installation and Commissioning of Panels and Consoles Automation Control Systems. · Assembly Motor Control Centers. · Automatic Transfer Assembly. · Installation of Alarm Systems and Fire Alarm. PROCESS AUTOMATION: · Design, Programming, Implementation, Assembly, Installation, Testing and Commissioning Service, Supervisory Control Sitemas. automation are integrated and implemented with the following levels according to current concepts of automation: Level 0: Wiring and Electromechanical Assembly. Level 1: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). Tier 2: Monitoring Software. Tier 3: Software and Management Systems. Communications between different levels Fieldbus TCP / IP Ethernet Communications Systems Integration via Microwave and Radio Modem, Satellite , Cell, Phone.