BSI Engineering

Year Founded:2007
Annual Revenue:$5-10 million
Listing Last Updated:9/29/2015

Contact Information
Name:John Garmany - Automation & Controls
5721 Dragon Way
Suite 218
CincinnatiOH 45227-4518 United States
Phone:(513) 272-0333 ext: 6004
Fax:(513) 272-0176

Industries Served
chemical/petrochemicalconsumer productsfood/beveragemanufacturing--generalpharmaceuticals

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalelectrical engineeringinformation systemsprocess engineeringsafety/security systems
systems engineeringvalidation

Product Experience
AutodeskEmerson Process MgmntGeneral ElectricMicrosoftRockwell Automation

Corporate Affiliations
AutodeskDellGeneral ElectricRockwell Automation

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
BSI Engineering services include application development, automation and controls, electrical engineering, HVAC, utilities, information technology, mechanical engineering, process engineering, safety engineering, structural engineering, systems integration and validation. Personnel average over 25 years of project experience, including design/build projects. Alliances with manufacturers and service providers enhance and extend the company's core capabilities. Most of BSI focuses on building the facility. The Automation and Controls Divison focuses on making it run. They can specify, build, install, and maintain systems that automate a client's facility processes. This starts with traditional physical process automation using controllers (DCS, PLC, hybrid, PAC), instrumentation, networks, and HMI automating plant equipment. Business process automation then automates processes such as data entry/display/storage, inventory control, material tracking, systems integration, document control, reports, maintenance management, labeling, networks, scheduling, web, and enumerable aspects that run a facility. All physical and business processes are automated in one unified system running in synergy with the client's needs. Leveraging their experience across a diverse client base, BSI provides a unique perspective on process control and business automation. BSI's approach is based on a reliable, project-proven basis developed over many generations of projects. BSI's solutions reduce software development time, expedite start-up and reduce costs. The company's modular, flexible approach allows them to rapidly build systems through replication, configuration changes, software assembly tools and code re-use. Instrumentation acts as the sensor inputs (eyes, ears) and equipment control outputs (muscles). Controls in simple systems use relays, timers, pushbuttons, etc. instead of controllers and HMI. Automation provides controllers such as a PLC, mini-DCS, hybrid, or PAC; communications networks; and HMI ranging from PanelView through highly advanced multi-computer systems. BSI's safety and validation engineers ensure regulations compliance. Systems integration, application development, batch, and information technology merge the plant level automation into other facility systems and business processes.