R.S. Stover Company

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Listing Last Updated:9/30/2015

Contact Information
Name:John Dawley - President
3809 South Center Street
MarshalltownIA 50158 United States
Phone:(641) 753 5557
Fax:(641) 752 1650

Industries Served
controlled atmospherepowerprocessing

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
DCSfield serviceinstr/data acquisitionmaintenance/repairPLCs
process controlproject managementsystems engineeringtraining/educationturnkey systems

Product Experience
Emerson Process Mgmnt

Corporate Affiliations
Emerson Process Mgmnt

Corporate Resume
R. S. Stover Company has expertise in process control automation including control valve sizing and selection, control valve and instrument repair, instrumentation selection, process control engineering, process control integration, process control loop optimization, project startup services, regulator sizing and selection, and training services. R. S. Stover Company is certified by Emerson Process Management as a Local Solutions Integrator and a Systems Center.