Ingine Systems, Inc.

Year Founded:2017
Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:6/11/2017

Contact Information
Name:Inigo Villanueva - Systems Engineer
no. 9 Camia way st.
Calamba 4028 Philippines

Industries Served
material handlingmining/mineralspackagingpulp/papersemiconductor

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalcondition monitoringinformation systemssystems engineeringmanufacturing information systems
strategic manufacturing solutionsIndustrial Internet of Things

Product Experience
ABBMitsubishiOmron ElectronicsRockwell AutomationSchneider Electric

Professional Affiliations
Automation Federation

Corporate Resume
Ingine Systems is an Industrial Automation and Control Systems Integrator. We design, develop and implement valuable control systems for manufacturing, process and other industrial facilities. Using our knowledge of engineering, information technology, and business, we integrate plant equipment to automate manufacturing and processes from the plant floor to the enterprise level. As an Industrial Automation and Control Systems Integrator, we utilize our expertise by offering products, technical services, developing solutions and project execution to provide the best value for our clients.