Zio Automation, Inc.

Year Founded:
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:1/15/2012

Contact Information
Name:Steve Shelton - CEO
1763 Baseline Road
Suite 117
Grand IslandNY 14072 United States
Phone:(716) 774-1075
Fax:(716) 775-0228

Industries Served

Engineering Specialties
computer softwareDCSelectrical engineeringfactory automationinformation systems
instr/data acquisitionmachine design/controlPLCsprocess controlprocess engineering
systems engineering

Product Experience
Allen-BradleyMicrosoftOur own productsRockwell AutomationRockwell Software

Corporate Resume
Zio Automation Inc. is a company dedicated to providing complete integrated manufacturing solutions. They focus on electrical, computerized control systems and information management as their core business. The company has completed everything from writing the code for a small software project to managing the full integration of a new manufacturing facility. Their staff’s structured approach ensures that projects are delivered on time and within budget. Zio has developed a series of advanced programming solutions that provide customers with a remarkable return on their investment. This software system combines the flexible development environment and large storage capacity of a PC with the robust reliability and fast real time emulation capability of an industrial controller.