Prevas AB - Malmo

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Listing Last Updated:1/31/2019

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Name:Mans Forsberg
Sodra Tullgatan 4
Malmo SE-211 40 Sweden
Phone:+46 40-691 95 00
Fax: +46 40-691 95 49

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Prevas is a specialist company that has cutting edge skills in Industrial IT and Embedded Systems. The company focuses on providing IT services in combination with turnkey platforms, modules and products. Increasing profits through intelligent investments in solutions for productivity and quality enhancement is becoming increasingly important to industrial companies. Since its inception in 1985, Prevas has delivered more than 1,000 solutions that have helped customers increase their profitability. Examples of industries where we are active are: manufacturing, oil and gas, steel and minerals, pharmaceuticals, energy, food and automotive. Prevas is a natural cooperation partner for customers who need to improve production efficiency. We are the obvious partner for industrial companies that are looking for solutions in the areas of Automation, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), PIMS (Process Information Management Systems) and EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence).