Auxel S.R.L.

Year Founded:1979
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:7/7/2013

Contact Information
Name:Marco Savegnago - Ing.
V. G.Galilei, 13
ArcugnanoVI 36057 Italy

Industries Served
aluminummetal stamping/formingrecreation/entertainment

Areas Served
European UnionAsiaCanadaME-NH-VT-MA-RI-CTMiddle East

Engineering Specialties
machine design/controlsafety/security systemsamusement ridesaluminium CCR linesmachinery for steel tube production
production line of wire rod of aluminum from 5 tonautomatic line for steel tube production

Corporate Resume
Auxel was established 1978, operating in the sector of design and construction of electrical and electronic boards. In the following years, the company invested resources and developed steadily due to its production policy which has always put attention to safety parameters, dependability and compliance with standards at the top of its list of priorities. Alongside this, considerable development in software at the level of supervision and control systems (SCADA systems), microprocessor/microcontroller based embedded boards and PLCs has played a particularly important role over the years. These characteristics enabled the Company to acquire considerable production know-how and construct a solid organisation, consequently evolving from a sub-contracting business to a specialist firm with its own products, including automatic end-of-line test systems for welders, transformers, motors, supervision and control of railway electrical systems. Auxel now guarantees products of the highest quality standards, thanks to a system based on exclusive collaboration with rigorously selected suppliers, almost thirty years of experience and the implementation of stringent in-house control procedures. Auxel products boast an extremely high technological level, applied to a wide range of electrical solutions: from design to after-sale support, without any geographical limitation. Among the latest Auxel innovations are the use of artificial vision systems for fault recognition and calculation of metric measurements for the coordination of anthropomorphic robots.