Telenerg d.o.o.

Year Founded:1990
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:5/20/2010

Contact Information
Name:Dubravko Radic - Manager
Savska 41/V, Croatia
ZagrebHR 10144 Croatia
Phone:+385 1 6177 009
Fax:+385 1 6177 002

Industries Served
building automationcogenerationcontrolled atmosphereenergy--generalengineering/construction
hydroelectric energyutilities

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalbuilding automationcomputer softwarecontrol panelsDCS
designs/specificationselectrical engineeringenergy managementHMIinstallation/start-up
instr/data acquisitioninternational projectsnetworking/commPLCspower systems engr
process controlproject managementproject planningresearch/developmentsupervisory control
systems engineeringturnkey systemsutilitiesHMIcommunication drivers
power network controlSCADAsubstation automation

Product Experience
ABBAdvantechGeneral ElectricMicrosoftOur own products
RittalSchneider ElectricSiemensWonderware

Corporate Affiliations
Not applicable

Professional Affiliations

Corporate Resume
Telenerg d.o.o. is a company specialized in the production and engineering of equipment for control and distribution of electrical energy (relay protection, measurement, control and telecommunications for electrical power networks). Engineering includes consulting, design, equipment procurement, test and commissioning of electrical power plants and substations. Expertise includes development and application of software for supervision, control and analysis of large electrical power networks.