Advantage Automation, Inc.

Year Founded:1990
Annual Revenue:Less than $1 million
Listing Last Updated:9/9/2010

Contact Information
Name:Chris Dreike - Engineer
4602 Caremlynn St.
TorranceCA 90503 United States

Industries Served
automation/controldiscrete manufacturingmaterial handlingmedical/health careOEM
packagingaerospace/aircraftelectrical equipmentfood/beveragemachinery
manufacturing--generalpharmaceuticalsaluminumappliancesbuilding automation
electronicsfabricated metalsfoundries/casting

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automated assemblyCAD/documentationconveying/sortingdiscrete parts handlingdispensing/filling
factory automationhydraulics/pneumaticsindustrial engineeringlaboratory automationmachine build/retrofit
machine design/controlmechanical engineeringPLCsautomated weldingautomatic test equipment
computer hardwarecomputer softwarecontrol panelselectrical engineeringembedded controls
enclosuresHMIinstr/data acquisitionmanufacturing engineeringpackaging
roboticsC/C++injection moldinginstallation/start-upmachine tools
motors/motion controlpersonal computersprocess engineeringLabView programming

Product Experience
AutomationDirectNational InstrumentsRockwell SoftwareAllen-BradleyBaldor
Banner EngineeringRockwell AutomationCognexOmron Electronics

Corporate Resume
Advantage Automation's mission is to support manufacturing companies that require special machine design and manufacturing services. They can supply requirement analysis; mechanical, pneumatic and electronic design; machine fabrication and software. Their designs are developed with the latest in software and hardware tools such as Microsoft MFC; LabView graphical programming; Kubotek 3D Solid Modeling; Parallax controllers and AutomationDirect, Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley PLC’s. Their expertise extends across a wide array of machine design, integration, vision inspection and control as well as fabrication. Their experience includes designing and building industrial machines in a structured engineering environment. Extensive documentation is typically supplied and includes operation descriptions, bills of materials, parts and assembly drawings, schematics and PC board layouts. Past projects have included a robot arm used in a diamond saw blade laser marking machine, software to control a fine pitch surface-mount component lead tinning machine, a computerized servo motor-driven security key cutting machine, a snap-ring groove cutting machine, and a part feeding and tapping machine. The company has a combined experience base of 40+ years in the engineering disciplines, ranging from electronic and electrical design to mechanical design, manufacturing engineering and software engineering. They have been directly involved in the nuclear, commercial electronics, automotive, robotics and entertainment industries.