Control Design Inc.

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Listing Last Updated:6/4/2012

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Name:Dave Nemcsik - Vice President - Sales/Operations
211 RIDC Park West Drive
PittsburghPA 15275 United States

Industries Served
automotivebuilding automationfood/beverageoil/gaspharmaceuticals

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Since 1980 Control Design Inc. (CDI) has been furnishing electrical and pneumatic control panels to a wide variety of industrial integrators, engineering firms and end users. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, in addition to a manufacturing facility in Erie, PA, our controls have been used in applications such as food/beverage, water/wastewater, machine/control builders, material handling, metals and pharmaceutical. As a specialty manufacturer CDI is primarily a service business, not selling our products, but selling the ability to manufacture our customers’ products, projects and control requirements. CDI takes pride in providing pre-engineered control systems and panels that are of the highest quality. We feel quality is one of the most important factors in determining customer satisfaction and is an excellent avenue for establishing partnerships with our customers. Quality starts with our greatest strength "Our People." Pride and dedication to uphold our reputation for quality and performance is never compromised. This allows us the flexibility that is so critical as a specialty manufacturer, to respond or conform to a new or changing situation, ultimately satisfying a customer's need or a market requirement.