Advanced MRF

Year Founded:2005
Annual Revenue:
Listing Last Updated:8/25/2019

Contact Information
6795 Calle De Linea
San DiegoCA 92154 United States

Industries Served
automation/controlelectrical equipmentmachinerymanufacturing--generalmaterial handling
wire/cablecomputers/info systemsenvironmentalwater/wastewatergovernment/defense
oil/gasfabricated metalsgasessteel

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automation--generalbuilding automationcontrol panelsdiagnosticselectrical engineering
energy managementfactory automationfield serviceHMIindustrial engineering
laboratory automationmaterial handlingmotors/motion controlnetworking/commPC-based controls
PLCspower systems engrSCADAshop floor datasignal process/condition
systems engineeringturnkey systemsWeb technologyCAD/documentationconveying/sorting
data collection/reportingdata processing/mgmntprocess engineeringproduct tracking/identtraining/education
water/wastewaterwirelessenvironmental engineeringhazardous environmentsplant/facilities engr
temperature controlMaterial Recovery FacilitiesRecycling Facilities

Product Experience
ABBSiemensAnalog DevicesBanner EngineeringFesto
HoffmanRittalSick OpticsWeidmullerYaskawa

Corporate Affiliations
SiemensABBBanner Engineering

Corporate Resume
Advanced MRF (AMRF) is a provider of highly developed, industrial automation, control, and safety solutions. We engineer, assemble and install, UL508a ICPs , customized SCADA systems and HMI hardware and programs. Our core profession is dedicated to "Turn Key" electrical and control innovations, products and services to suit the Recycling Industry and Material Recovery Facilities. Our expertise in UL Standards, NEC Electrical Field Wiring, OSHA E-Stop Standards, 3 Phase Power, 3 Phase Motor Control, Automation Software and Field Bus technologies allows us to extend our full range of service to any industry with industrial power, control or automation needs. We are an experienced Systems Integrator for Industrial PCs, MCC , PLCs, VFDs, Soft starters, HMI, Profibus, Profisafe, Profinet , Industrial Ethernet, AS-i, Industrial wireless, Infrared technologies, IP Video systems, Level Measurement, Weighing Technology, Pneumatic Control, Power Monitoring. AMRF specializes in the application of Siemens products and technologies.