System Automation Solutions, LLC

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Listing Last Updated:9/2/2020

Contact Information
Name:Samuel Taggart - Chief Engineer
19117 W 61st Ave
GoldenCO 80403 United States

Industries Served
environmentalnuclear energyquality control/testresearch/development

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
automatic test equipmentautomation--generalinstr/data acquisitionquality/test engineeringcRIO
PXIFPGAprototypingenvironmental testing

Product Experience
Hewlett-PackardKeithleyNational InstrumentsMCCDAQ

Corporate Affiliations
National Instruments

Corporate Resume
System Automation Solutions LLC specializes in system design and implementation utilizing a variety of technologies in order to meet customer needs in the automated test and measurement, industrial control, and research/prototyping arenas. System Automation Solutions LLC also offers a variety of consulting services designed to assist customers to refine all aspects of their system design process from requirements gatherings initial design, hardware selection, software design best practices, integrated testing to long-term support.