Cofely Zuid bv

Year Founded:
Annual Revenue:Over $50 million
Listing Last Updated:3/7/2011

Contact Information
Name:Michel Dekkers - Ing.
Schijfstraat 21
Oisterwijk 5061 KA Netherlands
Phone:+31 (0)13 529 23 22
Fax:+31 (0)13 528 84 45

Industries Served

Engineering Specialties
MESmotors/motion controlPLCsSCADA

Product Experience
GE Automation & ControlsSchneider ElectricSiemens

Corporate Affiliations
ABBSchneider ElectricSiemens

Corporate Resume
Automation systems play a crucial role in controlling technical or infrastructural processes. The specialists Cofely develop innovative solutions. From simple production control with a PLC, the integration of process control and MES with your ERP environment. Of command and control systems for infrastructure objects to complete the technical design of traffic control centers. Cofely ensures your computer systems up-to-date and reliable and can effectively provide data.