Pigler Automation, LLC

Year Founded:2005
Annual Revenue:$1-5 million
Listing Last Updated:8/17/2019

Contact Information
Name:Karen Pigler - Chief Executive Officer
724 Main Street
Suite F
LongmontCO 80501 United States
Phone:1 866 871 1456 ext: 101
Fax:(866) 414 0291

Industries Served
automation/controlchemical/petrochemicalenergy--generalgaseshydroelectric energy
nuclear energypetroleumpowerutilitieswater/wastewater
specialty chemicalsbrewing/distillingmining/mineralsoil/gaspharmaceuticals
raw materialstransportationwaste treatment

Areas Served

Engineering Specialties
advanced controlautomation--generalbatch controlblendingdata collection/reporting
data processing/mgmntDCSdesigns/specificationsdiagnosticsfault tolerant systems
HMIinstallation/start-upnetworking/commPLCspower systems engr
process controlprocess engineeringproject planningSCADAsupervisory control
systems engineeringtraining/educationfactory automationproject managementWeb technology
control panelsinternational projects

Product Experience
SiemensAllen-BradleyAutodeskCisco SystemsMatrikon OPC

Corporate Affiliations
SiemensWonderwareMatrikon OPC

Professional Affiliations
ISASWEOPC Foundation

Corporate Resume
Pigler Automation, LLC was founded in 2005 by Karen and Harald S. Pigler and offers more than 40 years of experience in process automation. Product experience is available for Simatic S5, TI 505, Simatic S7, Iskamatic BM, Teleperm XP, and PCS7. Pigler Automation, LLC not only offers the full spectrum of engineering services but also project management, training, commissioning, and software development. Besides supporting new projects Pigler Automation, LLC also offers support for upgrade and retrofit projects, e.g. from an older Simatic S5 or TI505 platform to the more recent Simatic S7 platform. The company's main area of process expertise lies in the power generation processes (hydropower plants, fossil power plants including gas turbine and combined cycle control, and non-safety nuclear power plant applications) as well as the oil and gas industry. Additional experience in the automobile industry and water treatment industry is also available.